35-year old- An Ex-Soldier, Harvard Doctor, & is soon to be
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Meet Jonny Kim, a 35-year-old Korean-American living in Los Angeles who has been a soldier, a doctor, and is on his way to becoming a NASA astronaut – all before he turns 36!

He served as a Special Operations Combat Medic, a sniper, navigator, and a point man on nearly a 100 combat missions in the Middle East.

However, there was this one time when he saw a fellow soldier getting shot on the face while on the field in 2006. He felt helpless as he couldn’t provide proper medical aid to the man and he later succumbed to his wounds. It was then that he decided to study medicine.

He went on to pursue medicine at Harvard University and specialised in Emergency Medicine. He became a resident physician at the Massachusetts General Hospital.

In 2017, Jon was selected to be an astronaut for NASA after he had applied for their training program. According to CNN, he had mentioned in an interview how he “fundamentally believed in the NASA mission of advancing our space frontier all the while developing innovation and new technologies that would benefit all of humankind.”

Source: https://www.storypick.com/35-yo-soldier-doctor-astronaut/
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Hearty congratulations. Had he been working in India, he would have had the experience of mob thrashing by the patient relatives, been humiliated by the corporate management for not reaching the unrealistic targets, been bullied by the government administration officers and he would be still struggling hard to meet the expenses for paying his kids school fee in private schools
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He' s lucky, that he' s not born in India!! Anyways congrats
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