3rd Wave Of Covid-19 Pandemic Is Inevitable, Says Top Scient
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A third wave of the Covid-19 pandemic is inevitable, principal scientific adviser to the Centre Prof K Vijay Raghavan said while stressing the need to strengthen surveillance as well as upgrade vaccines against new variants even as people maintain mask discipline and physical distancing norms.

The pathogen has adopted hit and run tactics to breach the immunity many people developed during the first wave as also due to vaccination, Prof Vijay Raghavan said, pointing to changes in the virus and the role of new variants with higher transmissibility and disease severity in the second wave. "A phase three is inevitable given the high levels of circulating virus but it is not clear on what timescale this phase three will occur. Hopefully, incrementally but we should prepare for new waves," Prof Vijay Raghavan said.

The possibility could not be wished away as long as human hosts were available for infection and the only way to reduce this vulnerability was through safe practices and vaccination. "The best time to change our behavior is now," he said emphasising on the need to adapt Covid-appropriate behavior. "What we do, what we need to do does not change because of the virus. Masks and distancing are critical and most effective," he said.

Infections and vaccinations are likely to cause "adaptive pressure" on the SARS-COV2 virus, triggering new kind of changes, he said. Scientific studies were on to examine likely alterations to tackle any upsurge in the future. Explaining why the second wave has been larger and much more severe, Prof Vijay Raghavan said: “Phase 1 was a generalist approach of the virus and phase 2 now has fitter viruses arising due to post-immunity due to the previous infection.

Variants of concern represent better adaptation and are triggered by human population.” While assuring that the infections caused by new variants will plateau, the principal scientific advisor cautioned that immune evasive variants and those which lower or increase disease severity will arrive in the future.

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With huge plpulation, no matter waht prep India does, its going to be insufficient.. coupled with lawless among the the citizens and ignorance add fuel to the situation.
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Also gov should have covered the vaccination earlier.. This would not have been situation today..
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When a threat of second wave was given, the Indian government, especially the Prime Minister was seen conducting and hosting large scale rallies. Ministers are also front line workers as it is their responsibility, before the doctors, to spread awareness and make appropriate laws to ensure preventions at large scales. It is their responsibility to lessen the burden on already overworked doctors of our country. If they can successfully conduct rallies by investing so much, it is understandable that money can be utilised in the field of medicine too.... Read more
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