4-year-old gets India's first successful skull implant
In what makes for a medical marvel, doctors in Pune have successfully replaced 60% damaged skull of a 4-year-old girl, making it India's first. Additionally, this was first such successful operation in Asia Pacific.

The damaged part of her brain was replaced by a three-dimensional individualized polyethene bone, which was made by a US-based company as per measurements.

The girl had suffered major injuries after an accident last year. The girl had sustained extreme skull damage in a four-wheeler accident in May last year. When the girl was admitted initially, her condition was critical. Dr. Jitendra Oswal, the paediatrician, said CT scan revealed severe brain swelling, with a fractured rear bone of the skull, which had led to edema in the spaces of the brain.

Further, Dr Oswal said the girl's condition didn't improve after 48 hours. A second CT scan revealed malignant cerebral edema. He said the damage was so severe that the entire brain was pushed off center.

In an operation, neurosurgeons removed full frontal, parietal and temporal bones of the skull to release pressure in the brain. After the skull-bone removal, she responded well and recovered.

Read more here: https://www.newsbytesapp.com/timeline/India/33806/149861/doctors-successfully-implant-4-year-old-s-skull
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Proud moment for India
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Awesome to hear such news and congratulations for achieving that feat
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Superb sir ,go ahead ☺
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