4 years ago a group of doctors (Including myself), engineers
Dr. Jagdish Chaturvedi
4 years ago a group of doctors (Including myself), engineers and product designers (All working professionals and not students) conceptualised an idea (at a Hackathon) to save babies with failing lungs during transport between hospitals in rural India.

The need and concept were validated with a thorough clincial observation by the team to understand the exact gaps and key requirements.

2 members from the team Nitesh Kumar Jangir Nachiket Deval form a company called Coeo Labs Pvt. Ltd. to take this concept and another one (also developed similarly) forward. Another co-inventor Basava Kumar M leads the product development and testing with the team while Doctors provide feedback and testing inputs. Grants and funds raised entirely through the Government of India.

Today we learn this. (See picture)

This is the formula for successful and meaningful healthcare innovations in India. It's a cross disciplinary team effort from the start, with strong clinical inputs from Doctors followed by a formal structure to bring an idea from concept to reality.

Kudos to team Coeo labs for bringing Saans to life.
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