40% People Suffered From Long-Covid In N India: Study
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A follow-up study conducted on a cohort of patients with acute coronavirus infection across three facilities of a leading healthcare group has found that 40% of them had “'long-Covid” symptoms, the hospital authorities said. The study on about 1,000 patients was designed as a two-step tele-interview, based on symptoms recall to a set of questions, they said.

Dr Sandeep Budhiraja, group medical director of Max Super Speciality hospital said long-Covid occurred in almost 40% of these cases. “Of the 990 patients studied, 31.8% patients had post-Covid symptoms beyond three months, and 11% of the patients continued to have some form of symptoms for as long as 9-12 months from the onset of disease,” Budhiraja said.

He added that of the notable findings, fatigue was found to be the most commonly reported with 12.5% cases, followed by myalgia (9.3%). Persistence of breathlessness was also reported significantly more often in those who had severe disease at the onset, Dr Budhiraja said.

The patients in the study group also reported neuro-psychiatric symptoms like depression, anxiety, “brain fog” and sleep disorder and persistence of breathlessness. The duration of symptom resolution was significantly associated with severity of illness at the time of admission, according to the study.

However, there were no reports of severe organ damage from the study group, the healthcare group claimed. It was also noted that more than one-third (37.3%) reported at least one comorbidity at admission; diabetes (23.7%) and hypertension (20.4%) being the most common, the study said. This study will help in assessing the need and type of long-term follow-up and rehabilitation programmes required for patients hospitalised for Covid-19, doctors said.

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