45+ With Comorbidities Will Need Doctor Certificate For Jab:
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People aged between 45 and 60 years having co-morbidities will just need a certificate from a registered medical practitioner from the public or private sector verifying that they have a disease that can increase the risk of infection, hence eligible to get the Covid-19 vaccine on priority.

While the government is yet to release a protocol for doctors, people in the specified age group and suffering from one or more identified co-morbidities like uncontrolled diabetes, heart disorders, chronic pulmonary, kidney diseases, any types of cancer, transplant patients, those on immune medication and morbid obesity conditions are eligible for the shots.

People with disabilities, neurological disorders like Parkinson’s or medical conditions that can result in higher chances of severe pneumonia, will be validated for vaccination. While registration for vaccination will be mandatory, there will be options for recipients to produce the medical certificate at centers. There is no clarity yet on the number of slots that will be available for walk-ins.

Officials said the decision to expand the vaccination and also allow paid shots in private hospitals was taken after the drive stabilized. It was felt that the new and larger phase could be rolled out by early March. It is estimated that with vaccination of healthcare and frontline workers still continuing, and some in the category likely to have anti-bodies, the drive can be expanded.

Apart from Co-Win, people will also have the option to register through the web interface, Aarogya Setu, common service centers etc. They will be required to upload an identification document containing name, age, gender, and photograph at the time of the registration.

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