5 Medical Malpractice Terms that all Doctors should know!
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Malpractice lawsuits are all too common in medicine. By the age of 45, an estimated 36% of doctors in low-risk specialities and 88% of doctors in high-risk specialities can expect to face a malpractice claim, according to a study in The New England Journal of Medicine. By age 65, up to 75% of those in low-risk specialities and 99% in high-risk specialities will face a claim.

Doctors don’t have to be lawyers, but they should know enough legalese to navigate the deep waters of medical malpractice.

Here are some important medicolegal terms that all doctors should know.

Source: https://www.mdlinx.com/article/10-medical-malpractice-terms-that-all-doctors-should-know/3YnvgVM6u9Hk9dk2wrtBOp
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