55 MOST COMMONs...Points for exam... 1. Most common aortic b
Dr. Ajay Gupta
55 MOST COMMONs...Points for exam...
1. Most common aortic branch involved in
Takayasu arteritis : Left subclavian
2. Most common cause of respiratory
distress in newborn : Transient tachypnea of
the newborn
3. Most common location to see Asbestosis
sequale : Posterior lower lobes.
4. Most common karyotype / chromosomal
abnormality in USA : Down’s syndrome
5. Most common osseous lymphoma,
primary and secondary : Diffuse large B-cell
6. Most common primary malignant orbital
tumor in childhood : Rhabdomyosarcoma
7. Most common type of fluid collection in
scrotum : Hydrocele
8. Most common type of liposarcoma to
affect children : Myxoid liposarcoma
9. Most common abdominal emergency of
early childhood : Intussusception.
10. Most common acetabular fracture :
Posterior acetabulum.
11. Most common affected bowel segment in
TB : Ileocecal area.
12. Most common affected joint in gout :
First MTP.
13. Most common AIDS-related neoplasm :
Kaposi Sarcoma
14. Most common allergic aspergillosis
syndrome : Allergic bronchopulmonary
15. Most common anatomic variant of
pancreas : Pancreas divisum
16. Most common anomalous course of RCA :
17. Most common appearance of Legionella
at the peak of the disease : Bilateral airspace
18. Most common assoc. w/ Fx of great toe
distal phalanx with physeal
involvement :Osteomyelitis.
19. Most common associated anomaly with
coarctation : Bicuspid valve.
20. Most common association of PAPVR :
Sinus venosus type ASD.
21. Most common association with small left
colon syndrome : Maternal DM
22. Most common bacterial cause of
mesenteric adenitis : Yersinia enterocolitica.
23. Most common benign cardiac rhythm
abnormality : PAC
24. Most common benign cartilage-conta
ining tumor : Osteochondroma
25. Most common benign growth of the
skeleton : Osteochondroma
26. Most common benign hepatic lesion :
27. Most common benign hepatic tumor
during fist 6 mo. of life : Infantile
28. Most common benign intraconal tumor
of the orbit in adults : Cavernous
29. Most common benign masses caused by
asbestos exposure : Atelectatic Asbestos
30. Most common benign mesenchymal
tumor of kidney : AML
31. Most common benign mucosal tumor of
the esophagus : Papilloma
32. Most common benign nasopharyngeal
tumor : Juvenile angiofibroma.
33. Most common benign orbital tumor in
childhood : Dermoid Cyst of Orbit
34. Most common benign ovarian neoplasm
in young and middle-aged women (<45
years) :Mature teratoma
35. Most common benign radiation-induced
tumor of the musculoskeletal system :
36. Most common benign rib lesion in an
adult : Fibrous dysplasia.
37. Most common benign soft-tissue tumor
of the foot : Plantar fibromatosis
38. Most common benign soft-tissue tumor
of vascular origin : Hemangioma
39. Most common benign solid tumor in
women of childbearing age : Fibroadenoma
40. Most common benign testicular mass :
Simple cyst
41. Most common benign tumor of spleen :
42. Most common benign tumor of the
larynx : Squamous papilloma
43. Most common benign tumor of the lung :
44. Most common benign tumor of the small
bowel : GIST
45. Most common benign vascular gastric
tumor : Glomus tumor of stomach.
46. Most common bilateral testicular tumor :
47. Most common biliary complication s/p
lap. cholecystectomy : Bile duct leak from
cystic duct stump.
48. Most common biliary complication s/p
liver transplantation : Obstruction/stenosis at
49. Most common bladder neoplasm in
children younger than 10 years :
50. Most common bone to develop an
osteochondroma : Femur (tibia second most
51. Most common brain anomaly on prenatal
sonograms : Isolated Mild Ventriculomegaly
52. Most common breast tumor under age
25 years : Fibroadenoma
53. Most common cardiac manifestation of
Systemic Lupus Erythematous : Pericarditis
54. Most common cardiac tumor in
children : Rhabdomyoma.
55. Most common cardiac valvular tumor :
Papillary fibroelastoma
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