5S-Kaizen-TQM model for Quality Improvement of healthcare or
5S-Kaizen-TQM model for Quality Improvement of healthcare organization
Hospitals are providing critical services to people, although it is found that the stack holders are complaining for the services provided by the hospitals. This is a result of non-meeting the expectations of the customers. The expectation may be related to healthcare or may be non-health type such as dignity, basic human needs, prompt attention in care and treatment, proper communication etc. Non-fulfilling of expectation may be because of active failures when rules and regulations are violated or because of latent failures due to design failures, wrongly designed processes, building failures etc. Proper control over the work procedure can drastically improve the effectiveness of hospitals in terms of services as well as revenues.
A 5S-Kaizen – TQM is a three-step approach to improve hospital management under limited resources. This approach is based on Japanese management and basically developed for the industries. But the overall philosophy is equally applicable to health-care sector also.
5S is a philosophy and a way of organizing and managing the work-space and work flow with the intent to improve efficiency by eliminating waste, improving flow and reducing process unreasonableness. 5S will identify the abnormalities and wastes in processes and reduce them.
Kaizen is continuous problem-solving process to improve working environment, process and conditions with existing resources. Kaizen can help a hospital to create continuous quality improvement culture to meet internal and external client’s satisfaction Kaizen makes the things better step by step and the target is “your work”.
TQM (Total Quality Management) is a multi-disciplinary and participatory processes which optimize all categories of activities in all departments/units and staff for realizing high quality services.
TQM processes, (consisting of 5S and Kaizen), should be a part of institutional managerial framework for seeking high productivity and quality of services delivery.
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