7 different 'disease forms' identified in mild COVID-19
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In a study recently published in the top journal Allergy, a team showed that there are seven "forms of disease" in COVID-19 with mild disease course and that the disease leaves behind significant changes in the immune system, even after 10 weeks.

In the study involving 109 convalescents and 98 healthy individuals in the control group, the researchers identified seven groups of symptoms related to COVID-19:

1) Flu-like symptoms (with fever, chills, fatigue and cough),

2) Common cold-like symptoms (with rhinitis, sneezing, dry throat and nasal congestion)

3) Joint and muscle pain

4) Eye and mucosal inflammation

5) Lung problems (with pneumonia and shortness of breath)

6) Gastrointestinal problems (including diarrhoea, nausea and headache)

7) Loss of sense of smell and taste and other symptoms

COVID-19 fingerprint in the blood: At the same time, the scientists established that COVID-19 leaves behind long detectable changes in the blood of convalescents, very similar to a fingerprint. For example, the number of granulocytes is significantly lower than normal in the COVID-19 group.

These findings could play a significant role in the treatment of patients and in the development of a potent vaccine.

Source: https://www.meduniwien.ac.at/web/en/about-us/news/detailsite/2020/news-im-november-2020/seven-different-disease-forms-identified-in-mild-covid-19/
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