7th Pay Commission: Cabinet approves hike in Allowances
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The cabinet has finally decided on the implementation of allowances under the 7th Pay Commission which regulates the salaries of Central Government employees. The recommendations of the commission, chaired by Justice Shri Ashok Kumar Mathur, was submitted to the government in November 2015 after which rolling out was delayed.

The major changes for medical professionals as per this commission are:
1. Introduction of the new concept of Pay Matrix where the doctor can earn according to their experience and overall proficiency in the career. This replaced the Grade Pay system in 6th commission
2. Operation Theatre allowance increased from Rs 360 to Rs 540 per month.
3. Hospital patient care allowance/patient care allowance increased from Rs 2,070- Rs 2,100 per month to Rs 4,100- Rs 5,300 per month.
4. House Rent Allowances (HRA) will be paid at 24 per cent, 16 per cent and 8 per cent. for Class X, Y and Z cities respectively
5. HRA not to be less than Rs. 5400, Rs.3600 and Rs.1800 for X,Y and Z cities calculated at 30, 20 and percent of minimum pay of Rs.18000

Source: Financial Times

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Proficiency refers to the overall successful records of the doctor
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Good news. This is primarily applicable to Govt. sector employees But due to scarcity of teachers in medical colleges it will soon spill over to semi Govt. & Private sector fulltime doctors. Interns are getting stipends their payment is decided by local authorities - Institutes & state governments.
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Thank you Dr. Salim. Records maintained by whom? What all records?
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