7th Pay Commission: How to calculate your salary
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The recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission, chaired by Justice Shri Ashok Kumar Mathur, was submitted to the government in November 2015 and the recently approved hike in allowances has set the implementation to begin in July 2017. The key highlights of this commission and steps to calculate your salary are as follows:

- The Commission recommended that pre-service education/training need to be strengthened, especially for paramedic cadres
- The Commission recommended a proper data bank of health professionals should be created which should be updated periodically

How to calculate your salary:
1. Basic Pay= Pay as per pay band + Grade pay
2. Basic Pay * Fitment factor (Fitment factor is the index as per your grade pay)
3. Find the figure closest to the above amount in the column of the grade pay
4. Add TA, HRA and Medical Allowance to this

This figure is your new pay.

For example an employee H is presently drawing Basic Pay of 55,040 (Pay in the Pay Band 46340 + Grade Pay 8700 = 55040). After multiplying 55,040 with 2.57, a figure of 1,41,452.80 is arrived at. This is rounded off to 1,41,453. The level corresponding to GP 8700, the figure closest to 1,41,453 is 1,41,600

The following are the salary ranges for different categories of medical officers:
1. Teaching Specialists (MBBS+PG Degree + 3 years’ teaching experience)
a. Director Professor (Grade pay-10000): 144200-218200
b. Professor (Grade Pay-8700): 123100-215900
c. Associate Professor (Grade Pay-7600): 78800-209200
d. Assistant Professor (Grade Pay-6600): 67700-208700

2. Non-Teaching Specialists and Public Health Specialist (MBBS + PG Degree + 3 years’ specialisation experience)
a. Consultant (Grade Pay-10000): 144200-218200
b. Specialist Grade I (Grade Pay-8700): 123100-215900
c. Specialist Grade II (Senior) (Grade Pay-7600): 78800-209200
d. Specialist Grade II (Grade Pay-6600): 67700-208700

Allowances related to Knowledge Updates:
- The existing rate is 1,500 pm for medical officers having PG qualification and 900 pm for medical officers not having PG qualification.
- Recommended to be increased by 50%. The amount will further rise by 25% each time Dearness Allowance rises by 50%.

Qualification Allowances:
- Post Graduate Allowance: This allowance is granted to doctors up to the level of NFSG who are PG Degree or PG Diploma holders.
- The existing rate of the allowance is 1,500 pm for PG Degree holders and 900 pm for PG Diploma holders. -
- Recommended to raise it by 1.5 times. The amount will further rise by 25% each time Dearness Allowance rises by 50%

Non-Practicing Allowance:
- NPA is at the rate of 25% of Basic Pay
- Paid to medical doctors occupying posts for which minimum qualification of a medical degree is prescribed.
- Recommended 20% of Basic Pay, subject to the condition that Basic Pay + NPA should not exceed the average of Apex Level and the level of Cabinet Secretary.

The recent hike in HRA, Operation Theatre Allowance and Hospital patient care allowance/patient care allowance have contributed to the salary of medical officers.

Source: http://7thpaycommissionnews.in/revised-basic-pay-calculator-as-per-7th-cpc-gazette-notification/
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