9-step magnetic assisted conversion from sleeve gastrectomy
RYGB represents one of the best alternatives for weight loss in obese patients achieving a weight loss of up to 60% and a resolution of comorbidities of 70%. Revision surgery contemplates multiple techniques including the conversion from one surgical technique to another, structural changes to the primary technique, among others. GERD is now a long-term problem for patients who have undergone LGS. With this case report, we show the feasibility and viability of making this revisional procedure with magnetic assistance and a single-port device. A 32-year-old female patient underwent an SG in September 2018 with a BMI of 30 Kg/m2 and no medical history of comorbidities. One year after the surgery the patient reached a BMI of 23,9 Kg/m2. In 2020 the multidisciplinary team made a diagnosis of intractable GERD and for that reason, it was decided to perform a conversion surgery to RYGB by single port technique and magnetic assistance. The purpose of this case report is to expose the viability to perform a revisional bariatric surgery with magnetic assistance acting like a second surgical assistant in the steps of the procedure and utilizing a single port device to make fewer before incisions, reduce postoperative pain, length of hospital stay and better cosmesis with a safety approach. We can demonstrate the technical feasibility and safety of performing a conversion surgery of LGS to RYGB and hiatoplasty with magnetic assistance by a single port and also demonstrate that the magnetic system serves beyond the liver retraction.