92-Year-Old Woman Defeats COVID-19 In 12 Days By Proning
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Sheila Devi, hailing from Kota, was admitted to the Maharao Bhim Singh (MBS) hospital on April 18 after she tested COVID-19 positive. Her first seven days of hospitalisation were very critical, according to reports. However, she was kept in home isolation once her condition improved. Her son, Dr Arvind Saxena, who is a noted historian and visually impaired, informed that his mother was put on oxygen support from the very beginning.

Dr Saxena reported the improving condition of her mother by saying, “On April 30, she took her bath and did all the normal activities of day by herself.” The doctors who were treating her were adored her positive attitude and energy. They claimed that her bravery was the sole reason behind her speedy recovery, rather than medicines and hospitalisation.

Dr C P Meena, in charge of the COVID-19 ward at the hospital, identified the risks of older persons being affected. She said that in old age, lungs suffer most adversely and the patient’s immunity also diminishes, making recovery really difficult. Besides medicines and timely hospitalization, a positive attitude and energy was the sole reason behind her speedy recovery.

If a patient has a positive attitude and is proactive in doing lung exercises with a spirometer, he or she is sure to defeat corona and Sheila Devi did all this actively. In another recent incident, an 82-year-old woman from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh defeated COVID-19 by using proning method which is similar to the method used by Sheila Devi to recover herself. Her oxygen levels rose from 79 to 94 in just four days, the doctors credit her practice of “proning” for her speedy recovery.

While being infected, one day her oxygen levels reached 79. Gradually, the situation improved and the oxygen level rose to 94 in four days. She is now fully healthy and her oxygen level is 97 these days.”

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