980-gm preterm baby beats coronavirus in Bengaluru
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A 980-gram baby girl who tested corona positive soon after birth and suffered a range of issues associated with premature birth, has successfully recovered from Covid-19 and other health problems.

This is possibly one of the lowest birth weight doctors have reported. She was delivered at a private nursing home and owing to extremely low birth weight (ideal birth weight is 2.8 kg to 2.9 kg).

She was in the paediatric isolation ward and her result came positive five days later, after which she was shifted to the Trauma Care Centre (TCC) in Victoria Hospital.

The case was challenging as she suffered a range of issues. Fortunately, she was asymptomatic. “She was treated for Covid-19 and neonatal sepsis. While she was in the TCC, she was given express breast milk."

She had feeding intolerance and was put on antibiotics, IVF and formula. Once she tested negative, she was shifted to the Neonatal ICU in Vani Vilas to be treated for low birth weight,” said Dr Mallesh K, TCC.

Later, she was given standard treatment for low birth weight babies. In the NICU, breast milk and supplements were given,” he said. At the time of discharge, she weighed 1.2 kg

Source: https://www.newindianexpress.com/good-news/2020/sep/16/980-gm-preterm-babybeats-coronavirus-in-bengaluru-2197426.html
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Survival of the fittest..!!
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Usually the female comes up on top
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May be due more immunity of Baby could able to beat coronavirus
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