A 2nd year resident with typical case of skin cancer
Anish lodha
A 2nd year resident with typical case of skin cancer
A 27 yr old female resident complaines with headache , dizziness,nausea,fatigue and hallucinations which was residing for last 10 days.She directly went to the oncologist of the hospital as she was quite sure of skin cancer because of an abnormal mole present on her right leg and groin that she inspected a day before.

On gross examination in the hospital , pain and swelling in and around the mole was present.A course of cephalexin was administered with resolution of pain and erythema but persistence of the mass.The resident was then transferred to the oncology block and was ordered a CT and MRI. Meanwhile, an excision biopsy was performed to remove the mole and some surrounding tissue and the sample was sent to pathology.

CT- Well circumscribed mets in the liver and an irregular mass in the right groin(3.1cm in diameter).

Biopsy-Hypermetabolic lymph node involving the right external iliac ,femoral and inguinal regions.

MRI-Well circumscibed and rounded mets were found at the junction of grey and white matter revealed left frontal metastasis with intra tumoral hemorrhage

On the basis of these investigations a diagnosis was made.

Which form of skin cancer is this??
In your opinion, what should be the treatment?
NOTE- MRI report here shows A. pre operative contrast enhanced axial
B. Coronal T1 magnetic resonance image
C &D. Images after the treatment. ( gross total resection of the metastasis).
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Can you determine the cause of hallucination that again occured after total gross resection??? Give a try
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