A 30 years old female with C/o Fever,Multiple episodes of vo
Dr. Karthick Raja
A 30 years old female with C/o Fever,Multiple episodes of vomiting,Loose stools,Abdominal pain and Hematuria for 3 days..
She was treated in nearby hospital where she was found to have acute hepatitis and increased renal parameters..
her BP was 70/50 fr which supports started and referred to our hospital..
on arrival she was febrile and with abdominal pain.. Vitals- hypotensive and tachycardiac..
P/A- Tenderness in epigastrium and umbilical region..
she was admitted in Icu!! BP supports started and IV antibiotics started..
investigations done!! Dengue,Malaria,Scrub typhus,Leptospira,Blood C&S, Urine C&S, HBsAg,HCV,HAV,HIV all are negative..
She had increased bilirubin,SGOT,SGPT,Creatinine levels.. platelet is 55000.. WBC count is normal bt predominant neutrophilia.. . ESR normal..
CXR normal.. ECG normal.. Usg appears relatively normal..
What may be the cause for the fever??
any ideas doctors??
wat else v shuld look for??
Her BP is 90/60 now..afebrile now.. bt lethargic..
please give me ur suggestions
Dr. L●●●●h K●●●r C●●●●a
Dr. L●●●●h K●●●r C●●●●a Internal Medicine
Likely sepsis....look for cholecystitis...get a Usg abd pelvis..rule out liver abscess
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Dr. K●●●●●●k R●●a
Dr. K●●●●●●k R●●a Internal Medicine
USG done sir... no abnormal findings.. sepsis due to??
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Dr. S●●d I●●●●q
Dr. S●●d I●●●●q Internal Medicine
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