A 40 Year old male patient working as a marble sto
Bharath Kumar
A 40 Year old male patient working as a marble stone polisher for 12 years presenting with chief complaints of
-Fever since 1 month
-Joint paints (Hands) since 6 months
-cough since 1 year
-Shortness of breath since 1 year
-Bilateral pedal oedema since 1 year
- Swelling of fingers and hands since 1 year

CBP- normal
RA factor-negative
Anti SCL-positive
Radiological Examination:-
X -ray :- mild swelling of interphalyngeal joints in the fingers of hand
CT chest:- bilateral ground glass appearance with honey comb pattern is seen at the basal region of lung

What could be the diagnosis ?
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Dr. M●●●●h S●●●i
Dr. M●●●●h S●●●i Orthopaedics
Interstitial lung disease...
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Dr. J●●●●●t K●●r
Dr. J●●●●●t K●●r General Medicine
Scleroderma with pneumoconiosis
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S●●●●i V●●●●●●●●●n
S●●●●i V●●●●●●●●●n General Medicine
Maybe asbestosis
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