A 40 years old male presented with complaint of pain in le
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A 40 years old male presented with complaint of pain in left hip for 1 day.
History dates back to 1 day when pt had a fall from height and injured his left hip . Pain was moderate, non radiating and non aggressive. Pain increases on movement of limb and decreases on taking analgesics. No history of loss of consciousness . No h/o ent bleed. Past history - no h/o HTN,DM.
GPE- pulse- 80 bpm, BP- 130/80mmHg, RR- 20min , temp - afebrile .
systemic examination - CVS - S1, S2 NORMAL, no murmur.
CNS - NAD. Resp- b/l clear.
O/E- No swelling, No skin discolouration, No open wound, distal pulses palpable , distal sensation normal , ROM at left hip joint is painful.
Laboratory investigation - CBC- Normal, RBS - NORMAL, RFT- NORMAL , VIRAL MARKERS - NR.
Radiological inv. - file attached below.
Treatment given - operation done under spinal anaesthesia.
OT NOTES - Under AAP , After painting and draping left hip with thigh incision is given. entry point made over GT. Cannulated reamer put. Bladed guide wire passed Serial reaming done . Simple guide put . long PFN put . Proximal and distal locking done . Wound washed thoroughly.
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