A 40 yr old lady with a previous history of Gerd and on trea
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A 40 yr old lady with a previous history of Gerd and on treatment with sacral sucralfate she also has diabetes and under medication of meteor metformin tds .she also has oral thrush and apt apthous ulcer 1 month before and was asked to take fluconazole 150mg half tab for 10 days but she discontinued the treatment with in 4 days she also taken candid mouth paint and zytee ointment. now she came again with the complaints of oral thrush and ulcer in the gums which gets worsened with hot and spicy foods and she also complaints of dysphagia and odynophagia now her cbg is under control .what should be done for the patient.
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Dr. M●●●●v P●●●●●●●l
Dr. M●●●●v P●●●●●●●l Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Yea , Can be resistant...Wat abt Amphotericin B?
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Dr. V●●●●●●r S●●●h
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Please note that apthous ulcers generally occur on mucosa, not on gingiva. Burning sensation and history of Type 2DM suggest to oral lichen planus. Redo oral examination. look for wickhem' s striae. Do biopsy.. start topical application of Triamcinolone
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Dr. S●●●●●●●H J●●●●L
Dr. S●●●●●●●H J●●●●L Internal Medicine
Go for UGIE nd start patient on variconazole...
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