A 65 year male patient with complaint of Giddiness and fall
Dr. N G Alamela
A 65 year male patient with complaint of Giddiness and fall before 5 mins become unconscious. after 15 mins, patient is having 1 episode of vomitting and sweating. then will recover from unconscious. What may be the Dx and Mx??
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N●●●●L M●●●●●●T
N●●●●L M●●●●●●T General Medicine
I think hypertensive encephalopathy requires medicine to manage and includes bomiting ,seizures and becomes restless etc
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Dr. N●●●n S●n
Dr. N●●●n S●n Internal Medicine
This is just the right case to rule out painless Angina. Why should hypoglycemia occur suddenly in a 65 yr old. How do you explain vomiting in hypoglycemia?
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