A 9-month-old baby survives 25 heart attacks in one day
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A young baby has stunned doctors after surviving dozens of heart attacks and 17 surgeries all before his first birthday. Theo Fry, now 19 months old, had to begin fighting for life when he was eight days old – and before his first birthday he had fought off total of 30 cardiac arrests, had 17 operations – two of them major open heart surgery – and beat deadly blood poisoning.

His mother Fauve Syers said that everyone had expected Theo to die. Fauve and her partner Steven Fry’s horrific ordeal began when Theo was just eight days old in May 2017. Mum Fauve said: ‘He suddenly seemed really sleepy, then started turning blue, then grey’.

Theo was diagnosed with an interrupted aortic arch, which meant his heart – which also had two holes in it – couldn’t pump blood around his body. The baby even survived a heart attack in theatre as surgeons fought to save him.

Then came the fateful night – January 31 2018 – that almost ended his short life. He had 25 cardiac arrests in 24 hours. DDr Ramana Dhannapuneni, Theo's cardiac surgeon found that his left ventricle was covered in scar tissue, stopping it working. “Once they opened it up and doubled its size, Theo’s body came alive again,” says Fauve. “In two days, he was out of ICU. Not long after that we took him home.”

A year on, Theo is bursting with health. “Everyone who sees him says how happy he is,” says Fauve. “It’s incredible what he’s been through. He’s so strong.”

Read more here: https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/miracle-baby-boy-who-survived-13879388
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Good bless the child
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