A ,B OR C ??!
Jyoti Sravya Mummaneni
A ,B OR C ??!
Read this crazy case and pick your answer.
21 year old male lean built was bought to casualty with history of severe pain in abdomen since one and half hour. On examination there was distention,tenderness,rigidity and gaurding abdomen .There was no history of fever,loose stools,constipation,bleeding per rectal or any major surgery in past. ( his friends accompanying him say his was obsessed to build his body but had many failed attempts)
Exploratory laporectomy shows perforation in transverse colon and ileum.
X-Ray Abdomen standing shows excessive pneumoperitoneum.

What can be the cause for Excessive pneumoperitoneum in this case ??
A) Perforated peptic ulcer
B) Pneumatosis coli
C) self infiltration of air with a cycle pump anally.
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I think option A correct bcz I don' t think options c is practical.....
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