A Case of Eccrine Poromatosis in a Patient with a History of
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A 54-year-old male presented with asymptomatic papules and nodules on his trunk and extremities. He had noticed these lesions 3 years ago, and the tumors had gradually increased in number. His medical history included operation history due to his stomach cancer 10 years previous. Also, he insisted that he had been treated with adjuvant chemotherapy but doctor's could not verify the facts and details since it has been past long time.

Physical examination revealed six reddish, sessile papules and nodules on the trunk and extremities. Punch biopsies with complete removal were performed for all six lesions. Histopathological examination demonstrated proliferation of uniform basaloid cells that radiated from the basal layer of the epidermis into the dermis without peripheral palisading. No cellular atypia was found. Based on the clinical and histological findings, all six tumors were diagnosed as eccrine poroma.

Eccrine poromatosis, the term used to describe multiple eccrine poromas, is a rare presentation. The pathophysiology is unclear. Particularly in terms of chemotherapy, a direct sweat duct cytotoxicity from a toxic chemotherapy metabolite has been suspect. Considering 20% of its malignant counterpart, eccrine porocarcinoma are originated from a benign poroma, an excisional biopsy is recommended. Outside of excision, imiquimod 5% cream, cryotherapy, or CO2 lasers have been reported as an alternative treatment. In this case, all six lesions were excised completely through punch biopsies and showed no recurrence to date.

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