A Case of Pincer Nail Successfully Treated with Tazarotene 0
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Pincer nail is a common condition characterized by excessive transverse nail curvature, progressively pinching the nail bed distally, resulting in cosmetic discomfort, pain and functional limitation. Treatment is difficult and often unsatisfactory. Surgical treatment performed by experienced physicians provides good outcomes. It is suggested that topical tazarotene acts as a novel, effective conservative treatment of milder cases of this common, albeit disturbing condition.

A 35-year-old female presented for evaluation of a nail deformity of the left great toenail, which appeared many years prior, progressively worsening over time. The patient complained increasing pain and limitation to wearing shoes or walking as the deformity progressed. She was otherwise healthy and had no family history of a similar lesion.

Dermatological examination revealed a dystrophic left nail with prominent right axial curvature that caused compression of the distal nail bed. Radiographic examination was unremarkable. Routine fungal culture ruled out onychomycosis. Since the patient refused any surgical option, conservative treatment using tazarotene 0.1% gel twice a day was prescribed. Five months later, a significant reduction of the transverse nail overcurvature and a broadening of the nail plate was observed. The patient did not complain any adverse events besides mild erythema of periungual tissues. She reported significant improvement of her symptoms, not requiring further application. At 1-year follow-up, no recurrence was observed.

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