A Comprehensive Learning Program in Clinical and Preventive
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Cardiovascular diseases have become a common menace in India. With the rise in numbers of heart disease, the need for cardiologists is increasing parallelly. However, today there are only 4000 cardiologists while the requirement is of 88000.

Fellowship in Clinical, Preventive and Non-Invasive Cardiology, created by Medvarsity Online Ltd and Medanta Heart Institute as a joint certification program, is an approach to address this shortage of cardiologists and to develop a pool of skilled physicians who can reduce heart disease mortality in India.

The fellowship program offers a well-developed curriculum with theoretical learning as well as on the job training in a leading tertiary care hospital. By providing all the skill set related to cardiac care, the fellowship enables you to build a strong foundation.

Get to know more about the fellowship program: https://pxmd.co/FCPNCp1
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Hi Dr. Izas, The eligibility criteria for the following fellowship program is MD/DNB in Internal Medicine, MD in Family Medicine, MD in Community Medicine and MD in Emergency Medicine and MRCEM.
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