A Comprehensive Workshop in Advanced Dermatology
With an increasingly growing number of people in demand for aesthetic care and the consequent need for trained practitioners, Aesthetic Medicine and Dermatology is meeting an unprecedented boom in India. ACAAD.03 is one of the few workshops that provides training and hands-on experiences in Dermatosurgery to the trained or in-training dermatologists and plastic surgeons.

Aesthetics, Cosmetic Dermatology and Lasers have become an integral part of today’s Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery Practice, but the current curriculum doesn’t incorporate these aspects of the current clinical practice. The Skin and Aesthetics Medicine has again come up with its grand workshop - Advance Courses in Aesthetics and Dermatosurgery for those who are willing to explore and attain knowledge in this field as well as become confident and experienced enough to perform various aesthetic procedures independently in their office.

Attending the workshop will be a great opportunity for all the delegates to enhance their learning in the field of dermatology.

Register yourself at the following link: https://pxmd.co/ACADp2
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