A Neonate with CLOVES Syndrome
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Congenital lipomatous overgrowth, vascular malformations, and epidermal nevi syndrome is a recently delineated disorder that comprises vascular malformations, dysregulated adipose tissue, scoliosis, enlarged bony structures without progression, or distorting bony overgrowth. The name CLOVE was subsequently extended to CLOVES to emphasize the association with scoliosis/skeletal and spinal anomalies and seizures/central nervous system malformations. We herein report a very rare and most recently defined case of CLOVES syndrome.

Case Report
A male newborn who had been diagnosed to have hydrothorax on fetal ultrasonography was born to a 29-year-old woman at 39 weeks' gestation with a birth weight of 3400?g and transferred to our neonatal intensive care unit as he had common port wine nevus on his trunk. Antenatal history of the mother was uneventful except for smoking 1-2 cigarettes per day, and she had upper airway and urinary tract infections one week before the birth. There was no consanguinity between the parents. On physical examination he had a common port wine stain partially involving the skin overlying the right arm, sternal region in the neck, right temporooccipital region, right leg, anterior and posterior parts of left leg, and sacral region. Additionally he had a systolic murmur with a grade of II/VI, an hemangioma with a size of 2 × 1?cm in his lower lip, hypertrophy on left cheek, widened first interdigital space, dystrophia in the nail of the first digit of the right foot, and bilateral hypertrophy of the first digits of the feet.....