A Novel Cancer Vaccine Shows Great Promise As It Heads To Hu
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Researchers have now developed a therapeutic anticancer vaccine that frees suppressed cancer-killing immune cells thus enabling them to attack and destroy a tumor. Animal trials conducted showed 90% effectiveness, when combined with a second immunotherapy drug.

PD-1 inhibitors are a relatively new class of drugs that allow killer immune cells to more effectively detect and terminate cancer cells. Similar to PD-1, healthy cells in the body also have a checkpoint protein dubbed PD-L1. Some cancer cells use the latter to trick killer immune cells into thinking, there is nothing to look here when PD-1 binds with PD-L1.

According to the team, PD1-Vaxx activates both B- and T-cell functions to promote tumor clearance, while the combination of the secondary immunotherapy treatment supercharges the process of killing the cancer cells.

The results show that PD1-Vaxx outperformed the standard anti-mouse PD-1 antibody while treating colon cancer. At the same time combination treatment mentioned above showed enhanced inhibition of tumor growth in 90% of the cases. The treatment also exhibited robust efficacy with no evidence of toxicity or autoimmunity.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted investigational new drug (IND) approval for human clinical testing at the same cancer center, in early 2021 with plans to expand the testing sites further down the road.

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