A Novel Mixture of Curcumin Paste and Prednisolone for Treat
Oral lichen planus is one of the commonest mucosal disorder affecting the oral cavity and other mucosal sites. Lichen planus when it occurs in oral cavity causes a lot of discomfort. It affects patient’s quality of life (QOL) by impairing mastication, taste and causing sleep disturbances.Curcumin/turmeric has anti‑inflammatory properties, antiseptic
and anticarcinogenic properties. It has a chemopreventive effect in oral potentially malignant disorders. The anti‑inflammatory property of curcumin benefits patients with oral lichen planus since OLP is described as autoimmune chronic inflammatory disease.

The study was done to evaluate the clinical efficacy as a topical drug of a novel mixture of prednisolone and curcumin in oral lichen planus. The study included 60 cases of symptomatic oral lichen planus. Patients were divided into two groups of 30 each. Group 1 received the first mode of therapy of topical curenext gel. Group 2 received a second mode of therapy of novel mixture of curenext gel and prednisolone. They were reviewed after 10 days and 20 days.

Novel mixture effectively reduced the reticulation, erosion and pain and these differences were significant when compared with first mode of therapy.

In conclusion,the use of novel mixture for treatment of any case of symptomatic oral lichen planus is recommended rather than using curenext alone. Topical curcumin alone is not effective against oral lichen planus. If this is mixed with a steroid, the mixture could give the benefits of steroid and curcumin together and hence appear to be more effective.

Source: http://www.jiaomr.in/temp/JIndianAcadOralMedRadiol314286-2235683_061236.pdf
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