A Rare Case Of Burkitt`s Lymphoma
Hunny Khaitan
A Rare Case Of Burkitt`s Lymphoma
Burkitts lymphoma is a high grade B-cell neoplasm. Three clinical sub-types are recognised which are in African (endemic), American and other areas and HIV associated.
It is one of the fastest growing malignancies in humans. Sporadic Burkitts lymphoma is a rare malignancy among Asian population.
• Background:
A 38 year old male patient reported to the hospital, the department of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology with the chief complain of swollen gums since 6 months. Swelling was present initially in the anterior maxillary region and gradually spread to adjacent areas involving mandibulary gingival also.
• Medical history:
Patient was healthy with no current medical concerns.
• Dental history:
Tobacco chewing 4-5 times/day since past 7-8 years and an occasional alcohol drinker
• Clinical examination:
Lymph nodes:
Right sub-mandibular-enlarged ,2.5sq.cm matted
Multiple right cervical-enlarged,1.5-2sq.cm.
The patient had undergone oral prophylaxis. The swelling further increased in size seven days after oral prophylaxis.
Other associated symptoms include difficulty in eating food.
Oral hygiene status: fair
• Investigation:
Repeat of blood investigations:
Undifferentiated carcinoma-CK negative.
Lymphoma-LCA positive.
LCA positive –granulocytes-MPO negative
B-Lymphocytes-CD 20 positive
T-Lymphocytes-CD 3 positive
B lymphocytes CD 20 positive-
Mature TDT positive
CD 10 positive

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