A Rare Case Report Of “Mesentric Desmoid Tumour”
Desmoid tumors are benign but locally aggressive tumors of mesenchymal origin which are poorly circumscribed. infiltrate the surrounding tissue, lack a true capsule and are composed of abundant collagen. History of trauma to the site of tumor origin is elicited in up to 1 in 4 cases and they most commonly develop in the anterior abdominal wall and shoulder girdle but they can arise in any skeletal muscle. They constitute 3% of all soft tissue tumors and 0.03% of all neoplasms. Abdominal DTs occur sporadically or are associated with certain familial syndromes, such as familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP).A male patient with a Desmoid Tumour of the mesentry who had no relevant family history was admitted to hospital. The patient, who presented with periumbilical pain , had no history of trauma. According to the medical history, physical examination and CT report, the patient was diagnosed with Desmoid tumour.Exploratory laparatomy was performed and tumour excised. The histological diagnosis was of Desmoid tumour. The patient remains in good health and complete remission without any other treatment following surgery. DTs exhibit aggressive growth and have a high rate of recurrence. Surgery is the optimal treatment, and subsequent radiotherapy may decrease the local recurrence rate. Further research into their aetiology is required combined with multicentre clinical trials of new treatments in order to improve management of this disease. This case report provides general knowledge of DT, and may be used as a guidance for diagnosis and treatment. The clinical behavior and natural history of desmoid tumors are unpredictable and management is difficult with many issues remaining controversial, mainly regarding early detection, the role, type and timing of surgery and the value of non-operative therapies....