A Rare Case Report of Corneal Wasp Sting
Corneal sting by wasp is a relatively rare phenomenon. Wasp, bees and yellow jackets belong to Hymenoptera species of insects. A triad of mechanical, toxic and immunologic damage has been proposed to explain the spectrum of injuries from wasp stings.

Case Report
A 50-year-old female presented with eye OPD with a wasp sting injury to her right cornea while gardening. She presented within two hours after the bite. The patient complained of severe eye pain along with redness, tearing and mild blurring of vision .On examination, visual acuity in her right eye was 6/18 and in the left eye was 6/6. Minimal lid edema was present. Generalized conjunctiva hyperemia was present. Cornea revealed focal descemet striae paracentrally in the superior quadrant between 11 to 2 o’clock. There was the presence of stromal and endothelial edema paracentrally in superior quadrant between 11 to 2 o’clock. No AC reaction was present. Pupillary reactions were normal. No history of hypertension, DM or use of traditional eye medicines could be elicited.

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