A Rare Case of Bilateral Circumscribed Posterior Keratoconus
Purpose: To report a rare case of bilateral circumscribed posterior keratoconus in microcornea associated with unilateral irido-fundal coloboma.

Method: A case of bilateral circumscribed posterior keratoconus associated with unilateral irido-fundal
coloboma presented to us with complaints of diminution
of vision in both eyes since birth. The patient had undergone renal transplant for end stage renal disease
secondary to chronic glomerulonephritis. Anterior
segment examination including anterior segment optical coherence tomography, fundus evaluation and Scheimpflug imaging was done to confirm and document the findings of bilateral posterior keratoconus and irido-fundal coloboma.

Results: The diagnosis of bilateral posterior keratoconus was made by typical clinical findings and anterior segment optical coherence tomography. Thinning of posterior curvature of cornea was found on slit lamp examination and was confirmed on anterior segment optical coherence tomography (A/S OCT). Since the thinning was localised, diagnosis of bilateral circumscribed posterior keratoconus was made. Unilateral irido-fundal coloboma was documented on anterior segment and fundus photography.

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