A Rare Case of Pregnancy in Uterus Didelphys
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Uterus didelphys, also known as a duplicated uterus, is an embryological abnormality resulting from the complete failure of fusion of the Mullerian ducts. Usually, Women with cogently uterine malformation have poor reproductive performance. Here discussed a case of the double uterus that previously had one successful spontaneous vaginal delivery.

A 26-year-old Gravid 3 Para 1 and one spontaneous abortion at 1st-trimester pregnancy mother presented at 39 weeks+ 1 day from reliable LMP of gestation with a breech presentation. She gave birth alive male neonate at term pregnancy without any significant complication six years back. She had antenatal care follow up at privet clinic and come to our institute with a diagnosis of term breech for her first time. Pulse rate 89/minutes, blood pressure 110/80 mmHg, and temperature were in the normal range. Pink conjunctiva, CVS, and RS were normal. Routine urine and blood laboratory tests were in the normal range.

Abdominal examination was term size gravid uterus, longitudinal lie, Breech Presentation; fetal heart rate was in the normal range and no uterine contraction. She had an ultrasound scan report done on the same day showing term breech presentation with gestational age 38 weeks+ 6 days normal cardiac activity, Amniotic fluid index was 3.5 cm and expected fetal weight was 3600 gms. The uterine anomaly couldn’t be detected during ultrasound evaluation. The case was posted for cesarean section in view of term pregnancy with breech presentation and olgohydraminous. Two cervices felt. Both cervixes closed, posterior, and unaffected.

Per operative finding
Under spinal anesthesia, the abdomen opened by Pfannenstiel incision. Transfers lower uterine segment incision was made and delivered baby presented as frank breech presentation. An alive healthy male baby of weight 3800 gm with APGAR 9 –10 was delivered from the left side of the uterus and Placenta delivered by complete cord traction. The uterus was exteriorized, cleanse, and closed in two layers, when the abdominal cavity cleansed and check for hemostat secured another none gravid uterus was found on the right side and it was diagnosed as a case of the double uterus. The gravid uterus had one health looking ovary and fallopian tube on the left side; and none gravid uterus had one tube and ovary only on the right side. Her post-operative recovery was good and she discharged on 3rd post-operative day.

Source: https://gynecology-obstetrics.imedpub.com/pregnancy-in-uterus-didelphys-delivered-bycaesarean-delivery-a-case-report.php?aid=28457
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