A Rare Presentation of Popliteal Vein Aneurysm: Case Report
Popliteal venous aneurysms (PVAs) are very rare [1] [2] . More often it is an incidental finding found on duplex ultrasonography. Until 2000, 117 cases of PVAs have been reported in the literature, although its commonly asymptomatic nature warrants its actual prevalence to be higher [3] . In 7300 patients who presented with symptoms suggestive of venous disease PVA were diagnosed using duplex ultrasonography in 0.1% - 0.2% of all studies [4] . Venous thrombosis and pulmonary emboli is the primary presentation in most cases of PVAs, hence it is a clinically significant abnormality and a potentially morbid and fatal condition. Also, its other complications such as paradoxical embolization and postthrombotic syndrome have been reported [3] [6] . However, we report a symptomatic case of PVA presenting with local symptoms and chronic pain in popliteal region.

Case Report
A 38-year-old white male, previously healthy soccer player referred to our centerfor investigation of a chronic severe pain in the posterolateral region of the left knee and swelling in the left popliteal region. The patients’ complaints had begun around 2.5 years ago. The pain was severe and disabling in the first year and then it was moderate and bearable. The pain was recurrent and occurred during routine daily activities and on palpation. The patient did not have any history of deep vein thrombosis, phlebitis and claudication but being a professional soccer player, our patient mentioned the history of recurrent trauma to legs and knee regions....