A Rare and Interesting case of SWEET'S SYNDROME.
Yash Verenkar
A Rare and Interesting case of SWEET'S SYNDROME.
Miss XYZ, 2 ½ yr female, born out of non-consanguinous marriage presented with C/C of:
• Skin Lesions -> 10 days
• Fever -> 8 days

Lesions were small in size (Papules) which started out on the forehead and face which progressed into Nodular/Plague like lesions involving Face, Neck, UL, LL and Back.
H/O Redness and Itching; Lesions are painful.
No H/O insect bite, drug reaction, allergies, contact of skin to untoward substances.

• 8 months back the child came with similar lesions with mild fever predominantly over face, which was managed as atopic dermatitis and lesions apparently decreased.

(Plz refer to pdf file for entire case)
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Kindly refer to the pdf files for the entire case.
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