A Self-Injurious Behavior Causing Unusual Bilateral Gingival
Recently, gingival recession (GR) has become a common problem in periodontal clinic. It is known to be due to the exposure of the root surface as a result of apical migration of the gingival margin from the cementoenamel junction (CEJ). It may appear to be clinically as localized or generalized. This can occur with or without loss of attached tissue.

Several such factors have been implicated in GR etiology: anatomical, physiological, pathological and traumatic, and they may occur together coincidentally. The common traumatic lesions in the oral cavity may be chemical, thermal or physical in nature. However, the physical trauma is more severe, predominant and can implicate the deeper periodontal tissues.

Case Report
A 15-year-old girl was referred to the Department of Periodontology Clinics, Faculty of Dentistry, Alexandria University, Egypt for evaluation and treatment of bilateral GR related to mandibular canines.

The medical and dental histories were taken and revealed that she was systemically and dentally healthy. She reported that the first time she noticed this recession was 8 months ago and it progressively worsened. The patient suffered from continuous burning pain in lower labial gingiva related to the lower canines. She also complained of pain and sensitivity in this area during drinking and also while coming in contact with food. She also reported that there were white membranes that were easily removed from the lower labial gingiva by her fingernails, resulting in red painful and bleeding areas....