A Senior Citizen's Covid Vaccine Experience
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A 67-year-old man, an avid traveller and had been waiting for it to restart, waiting for the COVID vaccine to arrive and when the news finally broke, he was extremely elated. With no fear, he wanted to be amongst the first ones to get the vaccine in the second phase and tried to register himself but alas, faced difficulties.

Finally, on the evening of March 8, he was lucky to have received a booking at a private hospital in Whitefield, Bengaluru. His vaccination appointment was said to be done on March 14. On the day of the appointment, he got up super early, excitedly and reached the hospital along with his son. Only a few people were there at the time. However, they met with a minor hiccup when the authorities told us that no vaccination would happen on Sundays.

They fought and managed to get the staff to fill our registration forms and a lot us slots for the next day. They agreed. The next day, he made his way back to the hospital, like the other senior citizens who had been there. Pleasantly surprised, they were given priority entry, their files were ready and in no time was he escorted to the vaccination room. Everyone there was so polite and caring.

He was a bit scared but also excited about what was going to happen. The jab was virtually painless, as was the whole process. Post getting the shot, the vaccinator informed him that he had been administered a 0.5 ml shot of Covishield (Oxford-Astrazeneca vaccine). After which, he was taken to the observation room to sit and wait for 30 minutes time, to rule out immediate side-effects and severe reactions.

After getting the jab, he felt okay till the evening but experienced some stiffness at the vaccination spot, slight nausea and felt a bit feverish. However, he did not take any kind of medication for the same and simply hit the bed. He feel much better and just have a slight headache. Possibly, an inflammatory reaction. He urges all citizens to go get vaccinated when their turn comes up.