A Smarter Way to Take Prostate Tissue Samples
For years, the biggest frustration with the prostate biopsy has been that it is "blind." That is, although they are guided by ultrasound, urologists doing a biopsy really can’t see whether one area of the prostate looks any different from another — so they do the best they can by trying to sample tissue in a systematic way throughout the gland. The problem with this approach, says urologist H. Ballentine Carter, M.D., the Bernard L. Schwartz Distinguished Professor of Urologic Oncology, is that "we often miss significant prostate cancers. About half of men require a repeat biopsy within five years because of concerns that cancer is hiding there and was simply missed."
Good news: Biopsy is getting a whole lot smarter with a new approach called multi- parametric MRI (mpMRI)-guided biopsy, also known as fusion or targeted biopsy...