A Successful Fetoscopy procedure for TAPS or Twin Anemia Pol
When Asmita and Prem Saggar learned Asmita was carrying triplets, they knew there was a potential for complications.

Early in Asmita' s pregnancy last year, the Clarksville couple prepared for the strong likelihood that their boys would come early. They already had twins and knew that most pregnancies involving multiple fetuses don' t reach the full 40-week term.
But the Saggars never dreamed their babies' lives would be in danger.

Then doctors at Johns Hopkins Hospital, reading ultrasounds that are given more frequently to women carrying multiples, discovered the babies had a rare disorder called twin anemia polycythemia sequence, or TAPS.

The rare condition occurs when one baby in a multiple pregnancy saps too much blood from another, creating dangers for both. In the worst cases, the condition can be lethal.

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