A Survey Reveals 59% Indians Won't Rush To Take Covid Vaccin
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With chances of affordable Covid-19 vaccine likely to be available by February 2021, 59 per cent Indians divulged that they will not rush to take it, a 'LocalCircles' survey revealed on Dec 2nd. Oxford-AstraZeneca has a partnership with Serum Institute of India for production and reports suggest that the vaccine could be available as early as February at Rs 500-600 per dose.

The first question in the survey asked, The Covid-19 vaccine is likely to be available from February 2021 via private and Government channels. If that happens, what will be your approach to taking this vaccine? 59 per cent of respondents said that they will not rush to take the vaccine.

The second question was, Once the Covid-19 vaccine is ready and commercially available, what is the level of black-marketing risk do you envisage? Notably, 72 per cent Indians believe that there is a high risk of it being sold in the market.

The third question was, Should the vaccine be rolled out for hospitals only after a digital platform is introduced with the use of a unique serial number to track the supply of Covid-19 vaccine from factory to administration to citizens? 65 per cent of citizens believe that the Covid-19 vaccine should not be rolled out till a digital platform to track every dose from factory to final administration to citizens is functional.

The digital vaccine tracking platform would need to track the supply of close to 1.7 billion Covid-19 vaccine doses needed to immunise most of India's adult population.

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