A Two-Year Comprehensive Fellowship in Cardiology
Cardiovascular diseases have become a common menace in India. With rising in numbers of heart disease, the need for a cardiologist is increasing parallelly. However today there are only 4000 cardiologists while the requirement is of 88000. Thus, there is a severe shortage of skilled physicians to address this rise in heart diseases.

Medvarsity Online Ltd and Medanta Heart Institute have thought of addressing this issue by starting a fellowship in Clinical, Preventive and Non-Invasive Cardiology for all the aspiring cardiologists. The fellowship will provide, a complete two-year comprehensive learning program which will include both theoretical learning and hands-on experience.

The resources and knowledge that you will gain during the two years of fellowship will be the insoluble building blocks to a long and successful career. With a precisely rooted curriculum and well-experienced faculty, this two-year comprehensive learning program will be a great career boost in the field of cardiology.

The field of cardiology is fast-paced, ever-challenging and intellectually stimulating. Hence, being a cardiologist in today’s world is more than a career choice – it’s also a choice of rising to the need of the hour to give your life meaning. The fellowship program gives you an opportunity to enjoy being a part of this prestigious occupation and professional status.

To know more, visit: https://pxmd.co/FCNCP3
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