A case of 31-year-old girl who had 20 seizures a day for 6 m
Encephalitis - A rare autoimmune disease

One day a girl in Massillon, Ohio noticed that my hands were clammy and had really bad anxiety.
On visiting the doctor, he recommended her to see a counselor and believed that she was suffering with “mental issues.”

She continued to see various doctors who prescribed her various anxiety medications that would not work. Then, one day, it got really bad that she had a seizure. She was immediately rushed to the hospital by her family there she had another seizure, which put her in a coma for around eight months and she was having 20 seizures a day for around 6 months of her coma.

After a series of tests, she was diagnosed with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, a rare autoimmune disease that attacks the brain. This is the same disease featured in the Netflix movie “Brain on Fire”.

While she was at the medical center, she had a tracheostomy to help me breathe, and surgeons removed one of her ovaries in the hope that it would help her get better. They gave her immunosuppressant drugs and steroids to try to treat the encephalitis, including electroconvulsive therapy and vagal nerve stimulation, to stop the multiple seizures that I had every day.

Later it was found that abnormal tumor cells had likely caused her body to mount the immune response that affected her brain and caused encephalitis.

She woke up after eight months after being in a coma and was moved to a nursing home, therapists continued to work with her.

Source: https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/through-my-eyes-surviving-encephalitis
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