A case of advanced-stage endometrial stromal sarcoma of the
Case report
A 40-year-old para 1 woman without significant medical history was transferred to Chonnam National University Hospital. She had bilateral ovarian tumors detected by pelvic ultrasonography at a local gynecologic clinic for the evaluation of dysmenorrhea and hypermenorrhea. A pelvic ultrasonography revealed a 6.4×5.8×5.3-cm3 mass with irregular margin in the right ovary and a 6.3×5.2×4.2-cm3 multi-septated cystic mass in the left ovary. There was no obvious ascite in the abdominal cavity. Pulsed Doppler examination revealed low-resistant blood flow (resistance index 0.24). On physical examination, severe adhesion between these tumors and the cul-de-sac was noted. The patient's preoperative CA 125 level was 97.3 U/mL and other tumor markers (CA 19-9, CA 72-4, and CEA) were within normal ranges. Pelvic magnetic resonance imaging showed a 6.0×4.8×5.3-cm3 ill-defined, heterogenous signal intensity mass, including mixed cystic and solid portions in the right ovary....