A case of cleidocranial dysostosis with a new radiographic f
The present case has been reported in the American Journal of Case Reports. A 36 year-old male came with the chief complaint of inability to chew food due to bad teeth. The history revealed that the whatever teeth were present, his many teeth were extracted due to different reasons and most of them were milk teeth and the last tooth was extracted last year only.

His main problem was difficulty in chewing due to absence of teeth. Intraoral examination revealed poor oral hygiene, multiple carious and hypo plastic teeth, retained primary teeth, and absence of permanent teeth. The extra-oral examination showed hypertelorism, cranial bossing and he could be brought his closer together (Figure 1).

On the basis of clinical findings the case was provisionally diagnosed as a case of Cleidocranial Dysplasia (CCD) which was later confirmed by radiographic examination. PA view of chest revealed partial absence of clavicle. In the panoramic radiograph there were many impacted teeth but were palpable, many root stumps.

A rare finding in this case was deciphered in CT image (Figure 4c) as bilateral radiolucent intrabony lesion on infraorbital floor, without any correlation with pathological lesion.

Further, ancestral analysis was impossible as the grandparents had passed away. However among brothers, sisters, uncles of patient no history of any genetic disorders could be traced. His children were also disease free from any genetic disease.

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