A case of disseminated TB involving the lungs, abdomen, lymp
Tuberculosis (TB) is an important global health problem, with the highest burden falling on the middle and low income countries of Asia and Africa. According to “Global Tuberculosis Report 2014” by World Health Organization (WHO), TB incidence among children was estimated at 550000, equivalent to about 6% of the total number of 9 million new cases in 2013 [1].

In the paediatric population, tuberculosis can present with various manifestations; pulmonary as well as extrapulmonary affecting multiple organs and systems at the same time. Diagnosis of childhood tuberculosis can be delayed or missed because in many developing countries, it mainly relies upon clinical, radiological and tuberculin skin test findings which are all non-specific [2-4] and subject to interobservervariability [5]. Microbiological confirmation is also not always available because of the difficulty in obtaining a good sputum specimen for examination and the paucibacillary nature of childhood tuberculosis....

Case Report
A 10 month old boy was admitted for fever with cough and dyspnoea for three days. The boy had a similar illness three months ago, and was diagnosed and treated as pneumonia. There was mild persistent cough between the two episodes. He was the only son of a healthy couple and his immunisations were all up to date for his age...