A case of idiopathic hemihypertrophy with hemihypertrichosis
The present case has been reported in the International Journal of Trichology.

A 4-year-old boy reported with asymmetric legs. His left leg grew faster than his right leg, and hair density and thickness of left leg had increased more than that of the right leg since the age of 10 months. No past medical or family history was noted.

On gross inspection, the left leg was thicker than right leg, and circumference of left calf was 2 cm longer than that of right calf (determined using a tape measure). Along with asymmetric size of legs, the density of hairs on left shin was greater than that on right shin. Folliculoscopic imaging showed that the number and thickness of hairs on the left shin were increased compared to those of right shin.

MRI of the lower legs was conducted for further evaluation and revealed relatively hypertrophic muscles in left calf. The maximal diameter of calf, as measured on the image was longer in left calf than right calf. Other structural abnormalities, such as body abnormalities and lipoatrophy, were not detected. Laboratory tests did not reveal any other systemic abnormalities.

Finally, the patient was diagnosed with idiopathic hemihypertrophy with hemihypertrichosis, and no further abnormalities occurred during 4-year follow-up.

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