A case of palpable purpura & arthralgia
Gurumoorthy Deivam
A case of palpable purpura & arthralgia
A 17 yr old male 1st yr MBBS student came to casualty with c/o swelling of both legs and rashes for the past 3 days. He is not a k/c/o DM/SHT. O/E Afebrile , no pallor/cyanosis/icterus. Pedal edema present. BP- 110/80 mm Hg , PR- 86/min.
L/E : both ankle swelling , tender. palpable non blanching purpuric rash on both legs
CBC : TC - 8,800 cells/cu.mm DC- P 78% L 18% M 4% Hb- 13.4g% ESR- 12/29mm Platelet- 1.56 lakhs/cu.mm ; ECG - NSR
USG abdomen KUB - normal study. What is your Dx and management?
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Dr. J●●●●t U●●●●i
Dr. J●●●●t U●●●●i General Medicine
Test for ANCA should be done...
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J●●●●i k●●●●●●●a
j●●●●i k●●●●●●●a General Medicine
HSP and symptomatic treatment HSP and symptomatic treatment
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G●●●●●●●●●y D●●●●m
G●●●●●●●●●y D●●●●m General Medicine
Yes!! It is a case of Henoch schonlein purpura.. Patient recovered on treatment with steroids
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