A case of partial “fetus-in-fetu”
The following case has bee published in the Indian Journal of Pathology and Microbiology. A 3-h-old female neonate, with a birth weight of 2500 g, born at 40 weeks of gestation following full-term normal vaginal delivery and had a large globular mass in anterior aspect of the neck.

On examination, the mass was seen to be attached to the underlying mandible. There was a raw area below the mass with the presence of transmitted pulsations and expansion with each respiration. Systemic examination revealed a cardiac murmur, which on a two-dimensional echocardiography was shown to be a result of a complex congenital heart disease – double outlet right ventricle with left-to-right ventricular septal defect.

Following a cardiology consultation and after informed consent from the parents about the condition and possible outcome, the child was taken up for excision of the globular mass. The child succumbed 4 h postoperatively due to cardiac failure.

The excised mass was 5 cm × 3.4 cm × 3 cm and resembled a rudimentary head. The mass had hairs on the ventral aspect. The cut sections were solid cystic with the presence of cartilage, bone, and a developing tooth.

The histopathological sections revealed the presence of developing mandible, glial tissue, part of vertebral bones, and optic placodes arranged symmetrically. No primitive neuroectodermal tissue was identified.

A diagnosis of partial fetus-in-fetu was made considering the symmetrical arrangement of the various recognized tissues and the presence of part of vertebral column.

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